Glass Creations

Isaac Smith
Stained Glass Artisan

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I have been working with stained glass since 1991. I started out with the intention of becoming a medical illustrator, until I started to paint with oils (a medium that is much more freeing). When working with oil paints on my musical series, I'm trying to paint visually what an instrument sounds like.

Issac Smith - Artist - Glass Creations - Spokane, WAI originally apprenticed for 4 years with John Dobbs (who is now in New York). I have sold pieces to clients in Japan, California and Alaska.

I like to use clear textures, playing with the light, using color pieces for accents. I create my designs so that the finished work integrates visually with the environment where it is installed.

My work has evolved; how I feel about developing the designs has changed. Plus, I go through phases: sometimes, I like geometric shapes and patterns, and sometimes that just doesn't work for me.

I consistently like subtlety in design; I'm not necessarily going for design balance, but for something that is flowing, not repeating.

My designs have layers in the visual experience: the more you look, the more there is to see and appreciate.

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